Aussie Muslim Rugby League Player Fasts in Ramadhan

Australian Rugby Player Fasts for Ramadan Australian rugby league star Cory Paterson is training while fasting for the holy month of Ramadan after reverting to Islam. North Queensland Cowboys back-rower will complete the NRL season without eating or drinking during daylight hours for the whole of August. The 24-year-old will play four matches until the end of the season, but they will all be at night when he is allowed to drink. It is understood Cowboys officials have been in discussions over the challenges of fulltime training. Paterson will have to compete in tropical Townsville where the team is based. Cowboys football manager Peter Parr said Paterson had assured him and coach Neil Henry that fasting would not affect his preparation or performance and we support him in this 100%. It is believed Paterson's conversion took place in June, around the same time he transferred from the Knights to the Cowboys after hiring new manager Khoder Nasser, a devout Muslim who manages rugby stars Quade Cooper and Sonny Bill Williams.