Interview: Nasheed Artiste Khaleel Muhammad

Khaleel Muhammad is one of the most established artists in the nasheed industry whose soulful voice and dynamic stage performance have made him an internationally known performer. With performances in Germany, Sweden, Brussels, the USA, South Africa, France and Malaysia, Khaleel has produced four excellent videos, three albums 'Heaven', 'Dhikr of Life' and 'The Adventures of Hakim:2' which feature... a wealth of his fellow nasheed artists. Most recently, Khaleel has appeared at the GPU, Islam Expo and Eid in the Square celebrations and also collaborated, as well as co-wrote, the 'Feed the World, Feed The Fasting' charity song for Muslim Aid and 'Artisits United for Haiti' for Islamic Relief. Khaleel has also recently toured the UK with Zain Bhikha, Nader Khan, Hamza Robertson and Prince Abdi!