Islamophobic attacks on the rise in UK

British political analysts have blamed the government for lacking political will to prevent Islamophobic attacks on mosques and Islamic centers in the UK since the Woolwich murder in May.

A new study has found that between 40 and 60 percent of mosques and other Islamic centers (around 700) across the UK had been targeted since the murder of an off-duty British soldier in Woolwich, the daily The Independent reported. 

“There has undoubtedly been a spike in anti-Muslim incidents since the Woolwich murder,” said Professor Nigel Copsey, of Teesside University, and the author of the research. 

“An obvious concern now is whether the number of hate crime incidents return to ‘normal’ levels or whether Woolwich has been a game-changer in terms of increasing the underlying incidence of anti-Muslim hate over the longer term.” 

The number of anti-Islamic attacks has increased as much as tenfold in the days that followed the Woolwich murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, he added. 
The research warned that Islamophobic attacks spreading across Britain have also targeted Muslims at home in the past month. 

The Islamophobia watchdog Tell Mama figures showed an increase of attacks to nearly nine per day in the immediate aftermath of the Woolwich killing. 

Meanwhile, a government adviser slammed the government’s ‘lack of political will’ to tackle mushrooming Islamophobia.