Ex-CIA blamed US for Mideast revolutions

A former CIA operative says secret missions carried out by the agency across the world have contributed to the buildup of public anger against US backed regimes and the revolutions in Middle East. His comments came after Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor charged with double murder after shooting dead two men in Pakistan, refused to sign a charge sheet in court, insisting he had diplomatic immunity. AFP “The story of Raymond Allen Davis is one familiar to me and I wish our government would quit doing these things -- they cost us credibility," wrote Robert Anderson, a demolitions technician with the Air Force who was reassigned to work with the CIA’s Air America operation in Lao, in an article published in counterpunch. “You can understand why foreign countries no longer trust us and people are rising up across the Middle East against the Great Satan,” he added. Anderson went on to explain that during the Vietnam War, Laos held a geo-strategic position, as Pakistan does to Afghanistan today and in Laos just like Pakistan, Washington conducted covert military operations against a sovereign people, using the CIA. “I was a demolitions technician with the Air Force who was reassigned to work with the CIA's Air America operation in Laos. We turned in our military ID cards and uniforms and were issued a State Department ID card and dressed in blue jeans. We were told if captured we were to ask for diplomatic immunity, if alive. We carried out military missions on a daily basis all across the countries of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.” “In Laos the program I was attached to carried out a systematic assassination of people who were identified as not loyal to U.S. goals. It was called the Phoenix program and eliminated an estimated 60,000 people across Indochina,” the former CIA agent concluded.