Syria warns Israel it will not win war

There will be neither winners nor losers if a regional war breaks out, the Syrian Foreign Minister has warned.

Deadlock in the face of peace prospects may lead to war, and this possibility “has always existed in our region because Israel explicitly dodges the peace terms,” said Walid Al-Muallem, in remarks posted on Sham Press news network .

A new war in the region will not end with a a victor and vanquished, “for all will be losers because military technology now inflicts massive destruction even on the part of the party that possesses mightier military power.

“It is evident that the nations of our region cannot tolerate losses of such extent ... and this issue is quite crucial for drawing the picture of the future balance (of power).” Syria, that had engaged in at least three wars and military confrontations with Israel in the past, possessed an arsenal of missiles that constituted the core of its military might.

Israel, for its part, depends heavily on its advanced air force in maintaining regional military supremacy -- with the exclusion of its nuclear power.
Elaborating, the minister expressed his belief that the Palestinians should achieve internal conciliation before getting involved in peace negotiations with Israel, reiterated Syria’s desire for peace and accused it of lacking such intentions.