British MPs Oppose Israeli War Crime Law

More than a hundred of MPs have opposed the British government’s decision to changing the law of arresting Israeli leaders for the alleged war crimes.
Britain’s coalition government is planning to restrict the universal jurisdiction law in a way that arrest warrant for Zionist figurs would be virtually impossible.

A parliamentary Early Day Motion has so far been signed by 102 MPs. The MPs opposed to any legislation that restrict the power given to British courts.
“Universal jurisdiction for human rights abuses is essential as part of the cause of bringing to justice those who commit crimes against humanity,” the motion said.

Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, previously had said that the coalition government would bring in a suitable amendment to universal jurisdiction “at the first opportunity”.

Ed Miliband, Labour leader, has not yet clarified the opposition party’s official position. He said that he would say his idea when the government’s plans is revealed.

The issue was brought up last December when a warrant for arresting the former foreign minister Tzipi Livni was issued. The warrant was because of her role in the latest Gaza massacres, which forced her canceling her visit to Britain.

Several other Israel leaders have cancelled their visits to Britain because of war crime arresting threat. Last month, Israel canceled its high-level Security Dialogue meeting with Britain, which was to be held in London.