Germans view Obama as ‘pro-Israeli’

A majority of people in Germany believe that US President Barack Obama supports Israel more than Palestine, a new survey has indicated.

Magaar Mochot Poll found out that 54 percent of respondents said Obama put his weight behind Israel, while 19 percent said the US president supports Palestine. 

According to the poll, 27 percent of voters said that they do not know about Obama’s support. 

On September 23, acting Palestinian Authority (PA) Chief Mahmoud Abbas presented UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with the statehood proposal during the UN General Assembly’s annual session in New York. 

The PA has reportedly secured the support of ten of the UN Security Council’s membership with India, Nigeria, Gabon, and Bosnia most recently siding with the Palestinians on the issue. 

However, the US, among the Security Council’s five permanent members, which have veto powers, has vowed to thwart the bid. 

The latest poll was conducted by telephone on September 19-21 among 1040 German adults and was released on October 10.