Extend a Hand to Africa

Ten million people in the Horn of Africa are suffering amidst the worst drought seen in 60 years. The situation is desperate: children are dying of starvation, pregnancies are resulting in miscarriages and farmers’ livelihoods are being destroyed.

An unprecedented number of refugees have fled Somalia to neighboring Kenya. At least 800 children are arriving at the Dadaab refugee camp – the largest in the world - every day. In the past two weeks alone, 20,000 exhausted Somalis have arrived at the camp.

Many mothers and their children have walked for a month on bare and bloodied feet. In their search for food and water, they have slept for weeks on burning sand under open skies. Journeys of more than 300 miles are common.

Ummah Welfare Trust, a UK-based relief organization, has launched a £1 million appeal to help these victims. The charity was part of the huge relief efforts in Pakistan following last July’s devastating floods. After launching a national appeal, it raised £5 million for the flood’s victims.

The charity is now hoping for a similar response to an equally difficult, albeit different, humanitarian crisis. Its team has currently flown out to Nairobi and is aiming to provide emergency relief in the Dadaab camp in Northern Kenya. Emergency food parcels containing flour, sugar, tea, beans, salt and oil will be distributed to thousands of families in the camp.

The team will also work in southern Somalia, where they will distribute clean water – as Ummah Welfare Trust has been doing all year - in the Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions.  

Ummah Welfare Trust is appealing for the generous support of UK donors to help the millions in Africa who are going through some of the hardest times of their lives.

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