Charity fundraiser for orphans and widows will go ahead despite attack by far right sympathisers

World Charity Organisation (WCO) has issued a statement in the wake of the criticism it has received from the xenophobic right wing media press and the decision of the Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff to pull out of the event.

WCO said it has been falsely accused of holding a ‘segregated’ event, a charge that we emphatically reject in any respect. The charity has never imposed segregation on its guests and the last event we held in 2015 shows this was not the case. 

However, a number of guests have contacted us and asked for ‘segregated’ seating facilities and we have always catered for their needs in the past and will continue to do so.  We are a charity first and foremost and it would be rather foolish of us to discriminate against and turn away paying guests who generously donate to our organisation.

Certain rightwing politicians, far right groups and media commentators in our view have tried to destroy and tarnish the reputation of our organisation due to the fact that we are raising monies to build an orphanage and medical centre in Jaballiyah refugee camp Gaza Palestine.   

The right wing media and political bodies affiliated to them want the people to forget about the suffering of the people of Gaza and the Palestinian question and due to this a small charity like ours has become an easy target for certain far-right groups. We shall not be deterred from holding events and raising funds in order to create a facility that will house 7000 out of 16,000 destitute orphans that currently have nowhere to live let along obtain food and water.  

The event ‘A Gazan Cry’ Voices from Palestine will be going ahead on the 30th of April and we urge people from all over the UK to buy tickets and make donations so that the welfare of 7000 orphans can be catered for on an annual basis.