Guidebook Planned in Japan to Accommodate Needs of Muslim Tourists

The Japan Tourism Agency has drawn up a guidebook to help hotel and restaurant operators better understand the needs of Muslim travelers, including their food, sources told Jiji Press.


The guidebook is based on surveys of some 1,300 Muslim travelers to Japan.
In recent years, the number of travelers to Japan from countries with large Muslim populations, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, has surged on the back of relaxed visa requirements and an increased number of budget flights.
But Japanese hotel and restaurant operators have not been well prepared for dealing with such guests, industry sources said.
The guidebook explains that practicing Muslims do not eat pork or drink alcohol, and that they pray five times a day.
It also says some Muslims feel comfortable knowing that a particular food does not have pork in it and that not all need to use halal-certified ingredients.
It also includes phrases in Japanese and English that hotel and restaurant operators can use to answer questions Muslims might ask.