‘West Can’t Defeat Islamic State’ British IS Fighter


Abu Rahin Aziz from Luton is the latest recruit to the Islamic State.

Aziz who goes by the name Abu Abdullah al-Britani skipped bail and evaded the security services and now he is fighting in Syria, his journey led him from UK via Amsterdam before travelling on to Turkey, where he crossed the Syrian border. The security services estimate that between 600-2000 British nationals have joined the Islamic State in recent years.

In an in depth Interview with PI he speaks about his life in the Islamic State.

Why did you go out to Syria?
“The reason I decided to go out to Syria was due to the ongoing oppression committed by Bashar Al-Asad upon the Sunni population while the international community watched.

Almighty blessed me with the opportunity to answer the call of jihad which is in fact an obligation upon those who are able and have capability to defend the weak, the needy and the oppressed and ultimately to make the word of Almighty the highest.”

What would you like to achieve in Syria/Iraq?
“The oppression unleashed by Bashar was barbaric and couldn’t go unanswered so no doubt we wanted to repel the aggressors.”

“The root of all of this oppression the Muslims have been facing was due to absence of the Khilafah. So ultimately, we wanted to see the tyrants removed, see stability, peace and security and the only way we can achieve this is via the khilafah.”

“Since my time fighting here in Syria I have been able to witness restoration of peace and security under the Islamic State and I was present when what the Muslim Ummah has been waiting for almost a century, the establishment of the Islamic State and the implementation of the Shariah of Almighty.”

“So part of what I wanted to achieve has already been accomplished by the will of Almighty, which is the establishment of the khilafah and all that is left for me now,  is to see the justice of Islam spread across the whole world, just as we have seen it spread across Iraq and Syria in accordance to the prophecy of prophet Muhammed (pbuh) being that he saw the authority of the Muslim ummah across the east and west.  And lastly to achieve something I have longed for, being martyred for the sake of Almighty.”

What is daily life like living in Islamic State?
“As a citizen living under the Islamic State is pretty normal, people going about their normally daily business, children going to school except when the kuffar (non believers) are bombing them, businesses are running like usual, women going shopping etc.”

“There are lots of facilities also available by the state for its citizens such as free medical treatment, free medication, subsidised gas, free monthly food packs for the needy, free electric, free housing (especially for the immigrants; IS unlike the UK welcomes migrants and opens its borders for foreigners; as Khalifah Ibrahim said “Sham is not just for the Iraqis or the Syrians”).”

“You could say life here is good, you still get you little luxuries from western branded chocolates like your Snickers and Twix to Pringles, your fizzy, even have chicken and chips (although I’ll admit it don’t beat the chicken and chip shops from back home) but yeah life here is pretty good no doubt the Islamic state is not  perfect and there is still room for improvement but considering its only been established for 6 months, the Islamic state has been able to meet the basic needs of its people and put in place a solid infrastructure which will only strengthen with time, which I can’t see any other nations being able to boast about.”

Have you been involved in combat/ have you killed anyone?
“Alhamdulllah I have participated in many battles, battles in which we liberated towns and villages. I have even been in battles where we were attacked and we managed to repel the enemies so Alhamdulillah I have been in a fair few battles.”

“As for whether I have killed, I sure hope so, however the battles are not always face to face so it’s hard to know whether a bullet you fired penetrated and killed an enemy.”

What is your message to the UK
“My message to the UK is simple, if you want to live in peace and security then stay out of Muslim affairs, they have managed to stick their nose in our country many times and have actively attacked us, currently they have decided to go to war with the Islamic State so remember you have gone to war with us and in a war you cannot expect to attack without getting attacked back, If you play with fire then expect to get burnt.”

Do you expect to come back to UK
“Not all, no plans to return at all unless it is part of the foreign policy of the Islamic State.”

Can west defeat IS?
"West can’t defeat Islamic State, Its taking the worlds army coming together to fight Islamic State and they still can’t do it, how can they defeat an army that loves death the way these kuffar (non believers) love life.”