Muslims Outraged Over Syria Arrests

The Muslim Community within the UK is in outrage over the number of men and women who have been arrested in relation to Syria.

A security crackdown has seen at least 16 people being held already this year, accused of planning or attempting to travel to the war-torn state. 

Yusuf Sawar and Mohammed Ahmed, both 21, from Birmingham, were arrested at Heathrow Airport after a flight from Istanbul. In addition to this, two women from London Nawal Msaad, 26, and Amal Elwahabi, were also arrested over travel plans to Syria. In other unrelated incidents another two women one from London and one from West Yorkshire were detained for the same offence. Furthermore, a 19 year old man was arrested in South West London but was consequently released on bail whilst a 45 year old man from Northamptonshire was arrested under the Terrorism Act 2006. An unidentified women aged 36 from Stratford had her house raided and a couple in Birmingham have also had their home searched by West Midlands Counter Terrorism officers. 

The soaring arrest figures - which compare with just 24 Syria-related terror arrests in 2013 is of great concern to the Muslim community who are of the view that this is just another tactic in a long line of measures aimed at targeting Muslims and Islam in the UK.

Muhammad Salam an Imam at a London Mosque raised his concerns “I have spoken with many Muslims and they feel very upset over the high number of arrest with regards to Syria, As a community we feel that these arrest are no more than dirty tactics being played and it just stopping people genuinely trying to go out and help the Syrian people but in return they are getting harassed”. 

Scotland Yard said its biggest concern was that some British Muslims could return from Syria as terrorists and potentially carry out atrocities on UK soil.