Palestinian authority urges UN adhere to Goldstone report

The Palestinian Authority called on the United Nations to adhere to the implementation of the Goldstone report saying it turned into an internationally-endorsed document.

This report is no longer possessed by (Richard) Goldstone, for it has become an international document that cannot be tampered with after endorsement by the UN Human Rights Council, said Saeb Oreikat, the PA chief negotiator and the head of the politburo of the Palestine Liberation Organization, in remarks to KUNA.

Goldstone backed down from contents of the report stating that Israel had intentionally targeted civilians in its military offensive on Gaza nearly two years ago.
Back-down by a person who headed the commission that also carried his name “meant nothing,” and the international community should seek to implement the relevant recommendations, Oreikat stressed.

The international community should punish the “criminals who committed war crimes in Israel to ensure no recurrence of the genocide that happened in Gaza, “ he added.

Some 1,500 Palestinians were killed in the three-week Israeli onslaught on the strip.

The South African former judge told the Washington Post that he would have altered contents of his report, when he headed an international inquiry into the war, had he possessed the information he has now.

Oreikat, in his remarks, accused Israel of planning construction and expansion of more settlements in the Jerusalem region.
Israel has chosen to challenge desire of the international community by pursuing its settlement schemes, he added. He also expressed hope that the Quartet meeting, due on April 15, would result in a new peace initiative to resolve the strife.