Dutch court blocks extradition to US amid torture claims

CagePrisoners welcomed the decision of Dutch judges to block the extradition of Sabir K to the US whilst virtually acknowledging American involvement in his torture in Pakistan.

It is reassuring to see that a European court was bold enough to raise such questions and preserve the rights of one of its citizens. This is particularly so where the extradition could potentially have been based on the very torture conducted by the US.
Andrew Seebregts lawyer of Sabir K said, "The court was very critical of the US role in his torture in Pakistan."
It is also a reminder to all European countries of their obligation to seriously investigate torture claims regardless of what might be uncovered.
Seebregts also said, "The court stated that there was a pile of evidence pointing towards US involvement in his detention in Pakistan that the Netherlands should at the very least have investigated.
It remains important that state abuses in similar cases are carefully investigated so that all perpetrators are finally held accountable.
Over the last decade CagePrisoners has documented dozens of cases of US and UK complicity in rendition and torture in different countries. To this day no one has ever been charged.
We hope this ruling can bring closure to just one of the many sordid stories of torture and arbitrary detention that have characterised the war on terror.