Friend of Michael Adebolajo arrested at BBC studios requests investigation into MI5 role in torture and harassment

In an interview to the BBC, Abu Nusaybah  revealed that his friend Michael Adebolajo had allegedly been harassed by British security agencies and tortured in Kenya with their knowledge. Arrested immediately after the interview, he is currently held in police custody.

From there, he wrote a formal complaint to the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, urging him to investigate their treatment of Michael Adebolajo prior to the killing of last week. He also reiterates his innocence, explaining that he believed his arrest had been ordered by intelligence services since he made this information public.

He writes: "I am of the firm belief that the two fundamental factors that effected my friend's behavior up until this point have been given insufficient attention in the press.

It is my belief that the first factor was the systematic torture and sexual abuse he was subjected to by Kenyan troops (...). Michael was told by his captors that this action by them was at the behest of the UK authorities (...).

To add insult to injury, after his return to the UK, he informed me that he was subjected to further harassment and intimidation from security services in order to pressurise him into working for them as an agent, which to him would constitute a betrayal of his own community (...).

I implore you to use the forthcoming sitting of your committee as an opportunity to both scrutinise and hold to account the security services so that they may not be a contributory factor in tragic incidents like this anymore.

He concludes: "I am witness that the Michael I knew ceased to exist after his treatment in Kenya; though the assertion is shocking, unfortunately it would not be a unique event in the annals of UK security service."

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