Brave British doctor killed after attack in Syria

Dr Isa Abdur Rahman, a 26 year old doctor from London, put his promising medical career on hold so that he could go to Syria with the charity to help treat injured people.

The graduate from Imperial College London died in Idlib after the regime shelled a medical facility in which he was working.

Faddy Sahloul, chairman and founder of HIHS paid tribute to him today: I was very close to Dr Isa, a shy young man whom I first met two years ago. We spent a significant amount of time working together in Turkey and Syria and he was one of the bravest and most dedicated people I have met. Everyone who knew him is shocked and saddened to hear the tragic news of his death but we can draw comfort from the fact that he died doing work that he loved. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family at this difficult time.

Friends of Dr Isa Abdur Rahman have set up a JustGiving page and are encouraging those who knew him to make a donation to Syria in his memory

Hand in Hand for Syria will be dedicating all proceeds from this page to projects Dr Isa Abdur Rahman was passionate about in an effort to continue his legacy of wanting to help others.

The brave young doctor sacrificed his life to save the lives of others and he will be very sorely missed by the many family, friends and colleagues who knew him.