Stoke City players must be suspended over prank

An English Premier League devout Muslim player has gone furious after discovering a bloody pig head in his locker in the club, apparently left by teammates, as the club launched an internal investigation into the insensitive action.

“The club takes seriously reports of an incident at our training ground this afternoon,” Stoke City club said in a statement cited by The Guardian.

“A full internal investigation will be carried out and those responsible for any unacceptable behavior will be dealt with in accordance with the club's disciplinary procedures.”

The incident was revealed when Kenwyne Jones, the Stoke City striker, found "a bloody pig's head" wrapped in his clothes.

Islam considers pigs unclean because they are omnivorous, not discerning between meat or vegetation in their natural dietary habits unlike cows and sheep for instance, which eat only plants.

Muslims do not eat pork and consider pigs and their meat filthy and unhealthy to eat.

Shakir Ahmed of who researches into racism in sport and also helps organisation in dealing with Islamophobia by Training workshops said "When I heard about this incident I was disgusted, this is not a prank but a lack of respect for ones belief and for a Premiership club player/s to do this shows how far behind we are in terms of understanding each other’s faiths and beliefs, Stoke City have to be tough and suspend the player/s anything less will not do, I am also surprise FA have not stepped in, this is another sign that football bodies are not doing enough to combat Islamophobia /racism.

Stoke City Football Club is an English professional football club based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire that play in the Premier League.

Founded in 1863, it is the oldest club in the Premier League.