UK top universities accused of discrimination

Students from ethnic minorities and state schools are less likely to get places at top universities in Britain than white students with the same grades, a study has found.

A research by Durham University found that white pupils and those at free-paying schools were more likely to obtain an offer from the country’s top universities than black, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and state school students with the same A-level grades. 

According to the study, state school pupils and ethnic minorities needed up to one grade higher than their peers to receive the same chance from members of the 24 UK’s leading universities known as the Russell Group. 

Vikki Boliver, the author of the study, criticized the country’s top universities for their unfair practice, saying that “The headline conclusion of the analysis is that access to Russell Group universities is far from fair.” 

The study looked at 49,000 applications from 1996 to 2006 and it will be published in the British Journal of Sociology later in June.