Galloway sends out a powerful message at Gaza fundraising event

Over £5,000 was raised to help widows, orphans and poor families in the war-torn city of Gaza at an event organised by World Charity Organisation in Batley, W Yorkshire.

Guest speaker and Bradford West MP George Galloway spoke at the Fundraising for Gaza Day at the Pakistan and Kashmir Welfare Association in Batley, West Yorkshire.

The event was organised to highlight, people in desperate need of basic necessities like food, shelter, medicine and clothing which has been caused by the Israeli embargo on goods going into the Gaza strip and the constant bombing and destruction in the area by the Israeli government.

Yusuf Patel who founded World Charity Organisation is a strong campaigner who has visited the area eight times, including six trips on convoys delivering aid.
Yusuf Patel said “People are living under sticks and sheets of plastic and that one room is their bathroom, kitchen and living room.”

“It was heartbreaking to see what the widows and children are living through,” he said

Mr Patel said The £5726.24 raised will be spent on long term projects the charity is working on in Gaza.

Mr Patel has bought farmland in the area and is giving the milk and meat from the cows to orphans and widows free of charge. Other projects include an automated bakery that bakes fresh bread every day for poor families, installing and distributing water filters and improving the general living conditions of struggling families.

Mr Patel said: “We can do a lot with this money - £250 can buy a water filter that will provide clean water, 24 hours a day.

We can hand out food packages to the needy.” 

The Gaza day was the charity’s first major event, but Mr Patel was keen to stress that the organisation will be supporting countries throughout the world affected by humanitarian disasters.

“It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim or non-Muslim” he said. “We will look to give assistance to any country that needs help.” 

Mr Galloway, a vocal supporter of Palestine, spoke about how the ummah needed to do more to help the brothers and sisters of Palestine and gave a very emotional speech.

It was estimated over a 1,000 people attended the event.