Thousands mourn Muslim spiritual leader in Blackburn

Thousands of people turned out to pay their final respects to a Muslim spiritual leader.

Hazrat Ismail Wadee Saheb (RA) died, aged 93.

His funeral prayers were held at the Noorul Islam Mosque, in Audley Range, Blackburn and attracted people from across the UK and the world.

Audley Range was closed for a time as crowds thronged the mosque.

The burial took place at Pleasington Ceremony immediately after the prayers.

Hazrat was one of founding members of the mosque which was established in 1967.
The mosque has seen a major transformation in recent years with the new building opened in 2010. Mufti Ashraf, principal at the Noorul Islam Mosque said: “He was the mentor and spiritual head for many people not only here in the UK but across the world.

"He will be sorely missed. Despite his ill health recently, he continued to make time for people who came to him for guidance and advice on a whole range of matters.

“His loss has affected the community deeply.

“We pray that the almighty grant him elevated positions in paradise and grant those he has left behind patience.”

Councillor Salim Mulla, chairman of the Council of Mosques, said, “He was known throughout Britain.

“He was the shining light of the UK and one of the top scholars.

“The whole community is saddened to learn of his death and he will be missed by everybody.”

Hazrat lived in Aberdeen Drive and was father to three daughters and eight sons.

By Shuiab Khan