Gaza Emergency Appeal

On 14th November 2012, another assault by occupiers began on Palestinians in Gaza. Aerial bombings are pounding residential areas across Gaza once more. Over a hundred Palestinians have been martyred and hundreds more injured.

Today's attack on Muslims in Gaza is merely symptom of a wider oppression that has taken place on our Palestinian brethren for decades. 80% of Gazans are in fact refugees who were expelled from lands that are now launching pads for assaults against them.

They are imprisoned behind impenetrable concrete walls, humiliating military checkpoints and economic sanctions. The recent bombings bring echoes of the brutal Cast Lead operation in 2009 when 1,500 Palestinians were martyred in just a few days.

'Allah will aid a servant of His so long as the servant aids his brother.'

- Sahih Muslim

Ummah Welfare Trust has an established base in Gaza from where it has administered relief efforts for many years alhamdulillah. The charity currently looks after orphans, sponsors students to become Huffadh of the Qur'an, installs generators in schools and hospitals and transports desalinated water to refugee camps.

The charity is now urgently appealing for donations which will be used to provide emergency food, shelters and medical supplies. Please open your hearts and give generously inshaAllah.

Ummah Welfare Trust encourages everyone to beseech Allah, Glory be to Him, to help our brothers and sisters in Bilaad ash-Shaam. Certainly victory is from Allah and victory is but an hour of patience.

'Know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and ease with hardship.' - Sunan at-Tirmidhi

The honour of Islam and its servants has no price. May we remain steadfast on the path of servitude and nusrah until we leave this world inshaAllah.