British Muslim Artiste showcases her work at London Central Mosque

Sahima Imaan 33 a British Pakistani Muslim woman who grew up in Coventry, and now lives in London has just become the first Muslim woman to exhibit her art work at the exhibition hall at the London Central mosque.

Some of Sahima’s best and most creative work has unfolded over the last few months as she has been grieving for her best friend Razia Khan who sadly lost her battle through cancer a few months ago.

Sahima Imaan told Passion Islam “I  have always had an interest and love for art and architecture but never actually pursued this up until recently after losing my best friend Razia, Razia was an inspiration to me and my work is dedicated to her memory.”

Sahima has travelled to various Middle East countries including performing Umrah and whilst visiting these amazing places she has managed to capture the beauty and architecture of some of the most world renowned mosques through her vision and her take on them through her charcoal sketching.

Sahima is writing a book of her journey and also has plans of a project to help Muslim women in the UK and hopefully other countries around the world.
Sahima work can be viewed online at