US media display biased against Muslims

Through the hundreds of thousands of media images Americans view throughout any given day, there may be a subliminal message about American Muslims that many are not aware of.

A recent analysis in Newsweek magazine points out that there are tendencies to report violent acts committed by Muslims and under report violence against Muslims.

The article points out that in August of this year alone--there have been at least seven separate acts of aggression towards Muslims from property vandalism to the mass murder that occurred at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin--likely because the perpetrator believed the victims were Muslim even they werenít. 

The attack on the temple received national attention while the other incidents didnít. Experts say it creates a bipolar view of the Muslim culture.

The varied perspective that media has provided about Muslims being victims and the victimized also has political implications. Conservatives such as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Congressman Charles King of New York among others have fed an anti-Muslim narrative. Some experts believe this is what may have led to the FBI using informants to spy on mosques.

Analysts say that media tend to pit one group against the other for ratings and for economic gain.

This trend is becoming similar to the accusations of Communism Americans used against each other for political and economic leverage during the cold war.

Analysts say that if media were more balanced in their coverage of acts committed against Muslims to the acts that Muslims commit, there would be a better understanding of cultural balance within the US, but for some, not enough profit.