‘Israel losing support among Britons’

British politicians’ support for the Israeli regime is increasingly diminishing because of the entity’s aggressive settlement policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

UK ambassador to Tel Aviv, Matthew Gould made the remarks last month, adding that Israel was increasingly losing support among middle-ground politicians in the UK because of its aggressive settlement policies. 

Gould said he detected a shift among the middle ground of British members of parliament towards a more critical view of Israel. 

“Israelis might wake up in 10 years’ time and find out that the level of understanding in the international community has suddenly changed, and that patience for continuing the status quo has reduced,” he said. 

“Support for Israel is starting to erode and that’s not about these people on the fringe who are shouting loudly and calling for boycotts and all the rest of it. 
The interesting category are those members of parliament in the middle, and in that group I see a shift.” 

Gould said the “shift was a result of Israeli policies… [and suggested] that it could not be countered or obscured by hasbara” or Israeli propaganda campaigns. 

“The centre ground, the majority, the British public may not be expert but they are not stupid and they see a stream of announcements about new building in settlements, they read stories about what’s going on in the West Bank, they read about restrictions in Gaza.” 

Gould also said he had detected a shift in attitude against Israel among centrist MPs in Britain amid growing frustration with the lack of progress in the peace process. 

It’s interesting that even he has to acknowledge how low Israel’s public support has slipped in Europe - as a result of its own aggressive actions against the Palestinian people: 

“Israel is now seen as the Goliath and it’s the Palestinians who are seen as the David.”