UMRAH Diary Blog part 2

First of all apologies for a late second part of the Umrah Blog, from the feedback it seems everyone across the UK have been waiting in anticipation for blog no2, so here it is.

Every time I saw the Kabba and also the Prophets mosque, the wow word seemed to slip out without a single thought. My Sheikh had the right idea come back from fajar and go to sleep, it was a pattern I had to get to use to but unfortunately for me throughout my umrah I could not adapt to it which meant eventually I was going to get tired, which I did once I was back home.

People ask me what was the highlight of my umrah, I said so many to mention, one was doing the All Nighter in Makkah, go to Maghreb, pray Esha do tawwaf and sit and pray in front of the Kabba /Mataf area until Fajar a great feeling and if anyone going for the first time itís a most experience, itís amazing.

I was lucky I had great company, Moulana, the group leader Mr Kayat of Kayat tours and not forgetting my sheikh Munir and Zara the resident homee, as we all ventured out to eat after esha it was apparent that as usual like every night we will get one taxi and try to squeeze 6 people in, we all decided one evening to go for a pizza,  so our group leader Mr Kayat told the taxi driver in his urdu/gujarati/arabic language to take us to Pizza Hut as we approached it the whole complex was in rubble no Pizza Hut in sight, apparently this is very normal for Saudi Government they literally knock and demolish buildings with very little notice, so we told the driver to take us to another Pizza Hut and sorely he did, lucky for us this was still in good condition, as we went in and sat down I could not avoid to notice a group of arab men sitting in a corner watching tv so I took a closer look, eyes were glued to the TV as they watch... wait for it ... yeap ... Arabs Got Talent,  anyways we all sat down to eat, as we were eating the noise of the tv was too much and how much i tried to ignore it, it kept annoying me, so in frustration I went up to the  manager and told him shut this filth off now, which he did immediately I got this very embarrass look from the group of arab men whilst they discretely stood up and walked out, oh by the way the food was awesome and Mr Kayat attempt at filling the salad bowl was even better, I have since tried his technique but failed horribly.

I will not go into the shopping we did as I will then need to write a book but if anyone hates shopping then do not worry as my sheikh munir is an expert in the field, he may charge you a nominal price but itís worth it, and the kajur market well just one word for that MENTAL and yes I did lose 2kg of Ajwa between the kajur market and the hotel. 

The Easter Kayat group was a great mix of bunch of people and you just seem to mingle and get to know everyone and get along, that ends my second blog which the third blog inshallah will coming very soon.