Chilcot Inquiry into Iraq war delays final report again

The inquiry into British involvement in the Iraq war and its aftermath will not publish its report this year as it had been planned, local media reported.

The inquiry’s chairman Sir John Chilcot said he will not be ready to publish the report before the middle of 2013 at the earliest, media reported. 

“The Chilcot Inquiry is set to be delayed by at least a year whilst it seeks to declassify details of secret conversations between former PM Tony Blair and former U.S. President Bush”, according to the reports. 

Sir John Chilcot said that evidence received by the inquiry was “not wholly consistent”, due to gaps in documentation and personal accounts. 
He said the report would be about a million words long, about twice the size of literary epic War and Peace. 

Discussions with officials over whether secret documents could be published in the report were continuing, he added.