Man of the Match award champagne to be droped


The Premier League are to drop champagne as its Man of the Match award.

The move follows an awkward moment when Abu Dhabi-owned Manchester City’s Muslim player Yaya Toure snubbed the traditional prize after his side beat Newcastle in a match.

The Sun newspaper said sponsors Barclays are behind the decision. “The bank is all over the bottle, so Barclays wonder whether it is acceptable to give alcohol, given that so many nationalities are in the league,” the newspaper reported.

Website said the English Premier League had already considered altering its policy on the grounds of cultural sensitivity.

“We sought advice from religious groups before concluding that the champagne was treated as a highly coveted award,” a spokesman in a statement.

Shakir Ahmed Director of Passion Islam Media said “It would be very sensible and wise to drop the Man of the Match champagne prize as not only does it disrespect the Muslim player whose receiving it but also alcohol itself is a something which should not be exposed / advertised in high profile sports like football which has a good percentage of young viewers”

“Alcohol is all over the sport scene, if society instil an image to young people that alcohol is acceptable then they find this as the norm, organisations should think carefully of the effects it has”

“I would welcome a ban on Alcohol Champagne”.

Champagne is given to the outstanding player in any tv game, a tradition that’s been in place ever since the Premier League was established.