UMRAH - Blog Diary

I really did not want to go in a huge detail of all the things that happened on my first Umrah trip but more than anything wanted to let the photos tell the story.

First things first, my two weeks in Makkah and Madinah was awesome, the best experience ever and a place may the Almighty takes everyone at least once to this beautiful place that is everything that we are and more.

Now a few misconception going around my friends circles that I got lost on the first day, well I would not say I got lost more I got sidetracked by the beauty of Makkah, I did actually wait for my sheikh who was my guide outside the entrance that we came into but obviously he forgot which entrance we entered, so with no phone and not really sure exactly where my hotel was and not remembering the hotel name I asked this wonderful Palestinian brother to lend me his phone to ring the tours group leader Mr Yusuf Kayat of Kayat Tours who then contacted sheikh Munir to the gate I was waiting at, on a serious note it is very easy to get sidetracked and lose your companion or group so please always try to have a mobile with you, SIM cards are very easy to purchase and are not that expensive.

I was very lucky that I went with an excellent travel agent, Kayat Tours, Brother Yusuf Kayat was fantastic but more amazing was his volunteering team Moulana Sulaiman Makda an excellent source of spiritual inspiration, Sheikh Munir the guy who lost me on the first day, he was lucky that I forgave him, well I had no choice as I was at a place where forgiveness was paramount lol, Yusuf bhai from Sheffield for his endless hospitality and advice and not forgetting our own Saudi resident Zara who shared the room with Yusuf Kayat and Moulana. 

Some of the events that took place should be left in Makkah and Madinah as even though I can try to explain, believeing it, is another matter, what I can reveal is, when we travelled always 6 people in one Taxi, Zara always sat in front in Moulanaís lap and Yusuf Kayat on Sheikh Munir lap, we were invited to a wedding which was an experience, I wished someone warned me before that the food is served at 2am in the morning in between we were given dates and some really strong brown tea. We were fortunate to meet Sheikh Muhammed a direct descendent of our Prophet (PBUH), we had beautiful meal with him at one of the hotels in Madinah.

If you have seen it, touched it, smelt it, then you have experienced Makkah and Madinah and if you havenít then you havenít seen nothing, everything that we are and what we believe, Almighty has given us the opportunity to visit this incredible place, I cried whilst in Maghreb and when I left Madinah and Makkah, even if you have the hardest of hearts the tears will flow.

May the almighty give everyone this opportunity to go to this amazing place.