‘Holy Quran is a Miracle’ says Brazil’s famous footballer “Kaka”

Brazil’s famous footballer “Kaka” said that Holy Quran is beyond human words, it is considered as one of miracles.

Real Madrid “Ricardo Kaka” said that when one study Holy Quran, he got to know that the words of Holy Quran are beyond human words, rather they are a miracle.

An editor of a religious institute in Brazil said that Kaka is a religious Christian but he also respects other religions.

In Brazil, prayer leader of a Mosque while denying the news saying Kaka is a Muslim said that Kaka is still a Christian and he goes to Church but he likes to listen to the recitation of Holy Quran.

Kaka said during his visit to a Mosque in Dubai that Islam is a religion of forgiveness, I am impressed by the attitude and characteristics of Muslims and I want to study more about Islam.