Qatar foundationís partnership with FC Barcelona on Facebook

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) has launched new social media channels focused on its partnership with FC Barcelona (FCB) to engage directly with followers and fans. 

The official channels in Facebook and Twitter aim to raise awareness about the two organisations and bring their fans the shared values and the joint programmes that underpin their partnership, a QF statement said. 

The partnershipís Facebook page, available in Catalan, Spanish, Arabic and English, provides detailed information on QF and FCBís latest news, activities, match results and contests. 

The page also features photo albums on the partnershipís participation in international tournaments and events, with insight on upcoming matches and exclusive pictures. 

The Facebook page is a destination where fans can post photos, videos and exchange comments about their experiences with the organisations. 

Students from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCU) have recently attended FCBís match against Sporting Gijon and posted pictures on the QF-FCB partnership page. ďThe enormous power of sports has brought different cultures to collaborate together,Ē said Fatima Al Kharaz, a VCU Qatar student. 

The Twitter channel provides more frequent coverage and communication with fans, pushing tweets with pictures on the teamís latest news releases and its participation in major tournaments. 

The goal of the social media efforts launched last month is to increase awareness of QF and its partnership with FCB and to provide concrete benefits to fans of the partnership, the statement said. 

The partnership is the result of a sponsorship agreement reached between Qatar Sports Investment and FCB signed at the end of 2010.