UAE Rugby gets official recognition

UAE’s governing body of sport, the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, recently advised UAE Rugby that their general strategy guidelines will be incorporated into the Authority’s online governance and compliance portal for the development of sporting unions within the UAE.

Only four UAE registered unions, out of 80, have been recognised and selected by the Authority to be referenced in the portal, which is aimed at creating accountable strategic planning and governance for UAE’s official sporting unions.

The portal will be a mandatory administration tool and will allow the Authority to effectively monitor and oversee each union’s progress throughout the year.

This selection is the result of a dramatic and intense climb in UAE Rugby’s first official year. “We have been very focused with building a proficient management team and implementing processes that are both effective and accountable for the betterment of the game,” said UAE Rugby Association Chairman Mohammad Falaknaz. “For our efforts to be recognised, be acknowledged by our governing body and have our strategic guidelines incorporated into the portal is a great honour.”