Iran to return US secret drone... as a toy

Reports say the US is to get its top secret surveillance drone back from Iran. The catch is, the device, intercepted in December, has been reduced to 1:80 of its original size and is being marketed as a popular toy.

Iranian state radio was quoted by Associated Press as saying on Tuesday that the US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone toy models would soon be on sale in Tehran. 

They are expected to sell for 70,000 rials – around US$4.  

One of the models will even make it to the White House in response to a formal request from Washington last month asking Iran to return the top-secret device. 
State radio reports that the model will be of the original aircraft, but one eightieth of the actual size.

The top secret US drone was intercepted over the Iranian town of Kashmar, some 225 kilometers from Iran’s border with Afghanistan, in early December. 
Reports also suggest the trophy might be put on public display after a thorough examination, and in a year or two it may be put up for auction.