Israel launches fresh ad campaign in UK

The Israeli regime has launched a systematic attempt to redraw the map of the occupied Palestinian territories by advertising tourism maps in the UK newspapers.

An Israeli tourism map appearing in the London-based newspaper The Guardian last weekend rendered occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories as part of “Israel”. 

The three-page advertising spread from the Israeli tourism ministry in the Guardian Weekend is part of what increasingly looks like a major new advertising campaign in the UK. 

On the map, the occupied West Bank is labeled “Judea” and “Samaria” (names from religious texts used by Israeli colonists). The West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Syrian Golan Heights, are delineated only by a faint dotted line. 

Under international law, all three are occupied territories, which were invaded and occupied by the Israeli regime in 1967. Later in 2005, the occupying regime was forced to evacuate the Gaza Strip under international pressure. 

The Guardian issued a correction stating the ad “did not distinguish clearly between Israel” and the occupied Arab territories. 

In its letter of apology, the newspaper said: “they usually carefully check any potentially controversial adverts prior to publication, however in this instance we had a systems breakdown and did not do so”. 

The ad is part of what seems to be a major recent campaign in the UK. Large billboards have appeared in public spaces encouraging people to “Think Israel”. 
The website to this campaign contains an even more offensive and racist map. The West Bank appears even more solidly absorbed into “Israel proper” (without even a dotted line), with mysteriously empty pink and yellow blobs appearing where Palestinians live in built-up areas. There is no clue that the Golan is anything more than a part of “northern Israel”. 

The website’s home page also offers links to “Christian themes” and “Jewish themes” but no “Muslim themes”, wiping the Islamic heritage of Palestine off the map.