The rumours are true and Muslim organisations in UK are warning that the use of undercover police to infiltrate mosques is destroying relations between communities and the police.

A senior police source has admitted to the national press that undercover policing at mosques throughout the UK would continue and had proved invaluable in providing intelligence that had thwarted “numerous” terrorist plots in the past five years.

“I promise you that, if there was a terror threat from Hindus, Jews or Christians, we would be in their temples, synagogues and churches like a shot,” he said.

“It is alarming, you’ve got one community that is being targeted,” Yasmin Dar, a member of the Greater Manchester Police Mosques and Community Forum, told the BBC. “I’ve not heard of any cases of undercover officers going into churches or synagogues, so why a particular faith?

Shamiul Joarder, the forum’s spokesman on counter-terrorism, said that Muslim communities were leading the fight against extremism and that the police needed to concentrate not on undercover operations but on improving relations with these communities. “The police have not managed to foster positive relationships with the Muslim community, otherwise they could use these channels to get the information they need,” he said.

A Muslim special agent told Passion Islam that the work we do is not only protecting the community but also Muslims, it’s our duty as Muslims to eradicate terrorism which is nothing to do with Islam.